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So, when you shoot your Senior pics with other photographers, you may find yourself facing certain "limitations" - limited outfits, limited poses, etc. Typically, other photographers will offer specific packages and the more you pay, the more poses you can do, or the more outfits you can wear. There is actually no rhyme or reason to these restrictions, except of course the obvious one - they limit you in order to increase their own profit. Because when you feel like you would like to do another pose, or maybe use three outfits instead of just two, they're going to make you pay for it!

Not every photographer does this, but many of them do. In any case, with Velvet Fringe, we NEVER EVER NEVER limit poses or outfits. We figure that it's your time and your $$$ and so you can do as many poses as you like, and use as many outfits as you like, and use as many props as you like, etc. There really is a difference, so whatever you do, when you're searching for your senior photographer, be sure to give us your consideration! Thanks!!!


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