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March 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

While I don't really shoot a lot of weddings any more - because I am busy with so many other types of photography - I do still enjoy the art of wedding photography. Wedding photography is different than virtually any other kind of photography because it is so spontaneous. Yes, there is usually a schedule to the day, and many of the events which will be taking place are known ahead of time. Yes, there are the formals and most of the time these follow something of a rigid structure. But that's it. The rest is all quite unscripted. And you must always expect the unexpected.

So, like I said - I don't shoot a lot of weddings any more. But I know someone who does, and she is the very best out there, in my humble unbiased opinion. She is Maria Hall, and she happens to be my wife. She has been shooting weddings professionally since 2001, and she enjoys them every bit as much today as when she started. Her wedding photography has won many awards, and every year she has to turn away soooooo may couples because she can only shoot one wedding per day, and there are only so many Saturdays ( and the occasional Sundays ) in a year.

In any case, if you or someone you know is getting married, then you must absolutely positively check out her work - you can view it on her website at:

Or by visiting her facebook page at:

Trust me - you will be glad you took a look!


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