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Seniors and Athletes!

April 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sooooo many of the seniors I shoot are also athletes - everything from soccer and lacrosse players to baseball players, swimmers, runners, pole-vaulters - you name it! And we often incorporate at least some of their sports enthusiasm into their photoshoots - and it only makes sense because for many of these seniors, their athletic pursuits are a major part of their life!

With that in mind, if you are a senior who is also an athlete, we have a rather special promotion that is available that you may wish to take advantage of! We offer special extended-length sessions for senior athletes ( or actually any athlete, whether a senior or not ) who wants to do some shots in that are representative of their sport, if their sport is one which we do not already have in our portfolio of images! It's true it's true! If you are involved in a sport that we have not yet had the opportunity to photograph, then we will extend your session by X amount of time in order to do those shots - at no cost to you! Hooray!

So, which sports would those be? Well, to find out, simply send us a message and tell us about your sport, and we will respond quite quickly letting you know if that is something we would be interested in adding through this special offer! And if you participate in a sport which we already have in our portfolio, don't despair because we are always looking to add really cool new shots to our port, and we may be able to make you an offer that you can't resist!

You will never know unless you try, so contact us today and give us all the details!


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