VELVET FRINGE | The quandary that is a senior photo shoot!

The quandary that is a senior photo shoot!

April 19, 2017

Senior photoshoots can be a quandary because there are sometimes two different visions of the final product - that of the senior, and that of their parent. While these conflicts can usually be resolved by shooting to please them both ( give enough time ), there is occasionally a conflict between them where an irresisitible force encounters an immovable object - never a good thing. But, when this happens, we have found that with a little conversation, things can usually be worked out to everyone's satisfaction. Our advice to you if you have a senior shoot or a modeling shoot coming up and you think there could be a situation - let us know, and we can work to resolve it ahead of time so that it doesn't become an issue on the day of! Photoshoots are always best when they are smooth and stress-free, and we will always do whatever we can to ensure that is the case!