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Selecting your outfits - how fun!!!

May 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One of the most important aspects of your shoot besides yourself, of course, is your outfits. Not only do they reflect who you are and your sense of style and of self, but they are a vitally important element of your images! I emphasize this point with all of my seniors, and encourage them to give careful consideration to their outfits. There are generally two ways of going about this...

The most popular method is to first select the outfits you want to use, and then find a location(s) that is well-suited for that particular "look".

The other method is to find a location where you want to shoot, and then find outfits that work well in that location.

Both methods are fine, but I find that most of my seniors make their outfits their priority over location. In the end, it is entirely up to the senior! But a little foresight and planning can go a long way. The image above is a good example of a senior who did a rather brilliant job of matching her outfit to the location. They go perfectly together. But can you imagine that same outfit in a golden, flowery meadow? Well, of course you can imagine it - but it certainly wouldn't look nearly as good! As for me, I think that this senior absolutely nailed it!

Ultimately, it can be a bit more complex, because it is not easy to match multiple outfits to a single location, and for many seniors, the time and energy it would take to use multiple locations is not a realistic option. However, I have found that as often as not, a seniors personal style choices typically mean that most of their outfits work well with one or two locations. In the end, what is most important is to simply give the outfits and location some careful consideration, and things will work out well!


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