VELVET FRINGE | So, I don't really shoot weddings, but my wife does, and she is one of the best!!!

So, I don't really shoot weddings, but my wife does, and she is one of the best!!!

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I used to shoot a lot of weddings - either by myself or as an assistant to my wife. But I don't do so too much any more, because I am so busy with so many other types of photography that I really just don't have the time, and seldom have a free Saturday on my schedule. However, my wife does shoot weddings and she shoots a lot of them and she is really, really good!

Her name is Maria Hall and she is an award-winning wedding photographer with over 16 years of experience and something like over 400 weddings on her resume. I personally think she is one of the best wedding photographers anywhere and when you consider that, plus the fact that her prices are incredibly, surprisingly, ridiculously affordable, then you've got a can't-say-no proposition!

Seriously, check her out and compare her work with that of her competitors. I truly believe you will put her at the top of your list! Then, and only then, look at her prices and those of her competitors and your mind will truly be blown away! You will be like how on earth could she offer so much and charge so little? And the answer is quite simply that she loves what she does, always does her absolute best, and charges only what she thinks is fair for her and her clients, without ever trying to maximize her profits at any cost!

So, you want a world-class wedding photographer that will work with just about any budget and will give you her absolute best and will create wonderful images that you will cherish forever? Then look no further - you found her! Just copy/paste the following link into your web browser and you will be amazed!



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