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Shooting and Editing and Shooting and Editing...

June 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When it comes to professional photography, there is a rule that goes something like, "The nicer the weather, the busier you will be..." I think that is absolutely true. Of course, I do shoot all year long, and there is plenty to keep me busy during the winter months. But since so much of the photography I do takes place in the great outdoors, it is only natural that with the nicer weather comes more business.

That being said, the summer time is actually not the busiest time of year for me. The busiest time of year is the fall - by far.

So, during the springtime, I am working on shoots and edits about 40 hours per week. By summer, that has become about 55-60 hours per week. When fall arrives, however, it is off the hook. I personally am shooting and editing about 75-80 hours per week, and I actually outsource some of my commercial editing because there is just no way I can keep up. When late November arrives, things finally slow down, and I spend about 30 hours per week shooting, editing, and/or updating my website, boring business stuff, etc. through about February.

Anyway, so there is a bit of a peek into my world when it comes to the busy-ness of my business!

With that in mind, if you are planning to have senior pictures done by ME, then you will definitely want to shoot SOONER rather LATER, or you may run into difficulty getting 


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